The Great British Food Hunt – It might surprise you how many food miles some of your food travels before it gets to your table. Play The Great British Food Hunt Game to find How many food miles you could save by buying local produce?

This year a number of maze attractions wanted to continue from the success of their 2013 farming theme  – Future Farm by exploring another key theme, that of food miles. Promoting local farm produce is at the heart of our farm park clients’ businesses so they wanted to express the importance of reducing the distances that our food travels and how buying local is always good for the environment, our rural communities and our bodies.

We created a fun food hunt game where players had to locate food items in the maze field, collect them by stamping symbols into a basket on their game card and record the number of food miles that a typical imported product might accumulate from its origin to our table. Maze designs were in the shape of food including stawberries and raspberries as well as tractors and combine harvesters.