Mazescape to the rescue…

Mazescape was contacted by Rufford Abbey Country Park, Notts, to help them resolve a dilemma. A maze design had been commissioned from a well known maze designer but he had failed to complete the design work to a satisfactory standard within the necessary time schedule. We were more than happy to apply a little Mazescape Magic and complete the project quickly and successfully.

This was an unusual project for us. The client had been left with a partially finished structure of wooden poles in a circular design but no maze and no idea of how to proceed. Mazescape were asked to develop a ‘Game Play’ for the maze on the theme of ‘The Wheel of Fortune’, a theme that would have been familiar to the monks of Rufford. Working closely with our engineers, we developed the high quality ‘Spinner and Stamper’ hardware to make the game work and created an identity for the maze in the form of a logo, signage and printed materials, thus adding a new feature to a range of high quality attractions within the park.

We developed the play of the maze by creating a game around timeless themes of Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness. A decorative ‘Fortune Card’ was designed to contain a foil that could be embossed using the bespoke embossing machines or ‘Stampers’ placed at key points within the maze.

A set of 18 bespoke ‘Spinners’ were commissioned by Mazescape to add an element of chance to the game. Visitors navigate through the maze by use of the spinners, these indicate changes of direction at junctions. Visitors collect their ‘Fortune’ along the way by embossing their fortune card. Once their card is fully embossed, they find their way to the Mysterious Monk at the centre of the maze who holds the ‘Fortune Teller’, a large book that will reveal their fortune.